Welcome to the 2017 Kiss-A-Pig Blog! Kiss-A-Pig is an annual event hosted to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Erie, PA. The Boys and Girls Club works with children to enable them to achieve their full potential. Every year, business and community leaders compete to raise funds to support the mission of the Boys & Girls Club. The top three candidates who bring home the most bacon will pucker up and kiss a real, live pig at a community event. It’s always a squealing good time!

This year we have 8 participants competing to kiss Tardis the Pig who has been “practicing for the lucky winner” since earlier this year. The 2017 participants include: Rob Celeski of GE Employee Service Fund, Greg Gutting of Erie Insurance, John Melody of U Pick 6 Tap Houses, Jamie Messenger of Iron Empire, Kornel Miksa of Buffalo Wild Wings, Kevin O’Sullivan of Presque Isle Downs & Casino, Bob Paris of First National Bank, and Tina Zimmerley of Studio 141. The concluding event for Kiss-A-Pig, at which time the top three candidates will kiss Tardis the Pig, will take place at a Thursday, June 15th Kiss A Pig Dinner at the Bayfront Sheraton, 5:30 p.m. reception (cash bar) and 6:30 p.m. dinner and program.

Participants will be holding their own events to raise money for this great cause. This page will be updated frequently with information about these events, so make sure to follow us!

You can support any candidate by donating to the Club’s website directly at eriebgc.com, or by visiting the website and selecting the candidate you wish to donate to.

If a blog isn’t your piece of bacon? Visit one of our other SIX social media outlets!

Thanks for your support!
Boys and Girls Club of Erie


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